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Lost Dog’s ‘Rescue’ Leaves a 4-Year-Old Brokenhearted

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Somewhere in this city, a family is falling in love with Rosa Torres’ dog.


Four-year-old Daniel Torres and Raffiki at home in Panorama City. (Rosa Torres/LA Times)

Three weeks ago, 8-month-old Raffiki disappeared from Torres’ Panorama City backyard. Torres scoured the neighborhood, hung fliers, searched Craigslist and posted pictures on a Facebook page dedicated to missing pets. She visited her local animal shelter again and again and again.

She didn’t realize someone had found Raffiki and taken her to an animal shelter on the other side of the San Fernando Valley, 10 miles from Torres’ home.

A week had gone by when a volunteer searcher spotted a photo of the missing Rhodesian ridgeback puppy on an adoption website. An animal rescue group had bailed Raffiki out of the shelter, changed her name to Kami and found her a new home.

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