Couple Robbed of Savings One Week Before Wedding

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One week before their wedding, a La Puente couple was robbed of the $6,000 in cash they had set aside to pay for their big day.


Christina Scheuplein and Ray De Santiago in a picture furnished by the couple.

Ray De Santiago and Christina Scheuplein were set to be married Saturday in an Italian-style villa in Sierra Madre.

The couple had the rings, the florist and the minister.

“It’s every girl’s dream to have the perfect wedding day,” bride-to-be Christina Scheuplein said.

They were going to pay for much of the wedding in cash which they decided to keep at home.

Last weekend, while Ray and Christina were out, an intruder slipped into their home through an open bathroom window.

When they came back, the cash was gone.

“I got home and I saw that everything was ransacked,” said groom-to-be Ray De Santiago. “I immediately called the police but it took them an hour to get here because apparently 10 other homes got hit in the area as well.”

Scheuplein felt guilty for having left the window open.

“But you know, we still have the rings and a lot of the things that are important to us,” Scheuplein said.

All may have been lost, but Christina’s uncle, who also is Ray’s best friend and best man, found a way to appeal for help in the digital age.

“I’ve always been fond of social media and I figured maybe I can use these tools to help my friends,” said Cameron Scheuplein.

He set up a fundraising page on

As of Monday, the couple had raised $2,500.