Parents Pressure Clothing Retailer Tilly’s to Pull Marijuana Images

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A parents organization is calling on clothing retailer Tilly’s to pull its youth-oriented merchandise that features images of marijuana leaves.


The Snoop Dogg Rasta Leaves leggings from Tilly’s are decorated with images of marijuana leaves. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

Members of Youth Matters, a group of Parent Teacher Student Assn. members from Huntington Beach, told the national retailer that clothing it sells, such as leggings, tops and swimsuits, with marijuana imagery could desensitize children to drug use.

“The more they see it, and the more it’s common in their world, it’s less likely that they’ll be shocked by it or concerned about it or listen to their parents about it,” said Kim Green, the chairwoman of the group.

In an email, the Irvine-based apparel company informed Green that it would remove the items from stores in Orange and Riverside counties. It was unclear, though, whether it would do so elsewhere or remove the items from its website.

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