Swiffer Ad Commercial Uses Real People, Not Actors

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The Rukavina family joined us live to share their story of using real people in advertising for a Swiffer commercial.

Swiffer’s new marketing campaign called the “Swiffer Effect” revolves around real families, not actors, and showcases how the Swiffer family of products can help their lives and daily chores in unexpected ways.  The American family has evolved and so has their cleaning needs. The Swiffer Effect campaign highlights those “ah ha” cleaning moments and product benefits in the context of real families’ lives. The Rukavina family is the latest family to be featured in the campaign — with more real families to be featured in this series throughout the year. The Rukavinas represent the evolution of the American family, as well as the shift in gender cleaning roles. The Rukavina spot has been met with great response by consumers, including a lot of positive support surrounding the inclusion of a modern and diverse family. The spot has also been recognized for featuring a dad in a cleaning role, and positively featuring someone with a disability who overcomes challenges of everyday tasks. The Swiffer Ads feature random surprise front door deliveries of products that make cleaning easier, delivered in a big Swiffer green box. Consumers have taken to social media to actually request these green box deliveries

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