Trail Head Closed as New Gate Goes Up Near Hollywood Sign

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File photo of the Hollywood sign in the Griffith Park (Credit: KTLA)

In the hills that look up at the Hollywood sign, the whims of camera-ready tourists are often leveled against the concerns of homeowners peeved by throngs of visitors.

So when a sign went up recently announcing blocked access to the Hollyridge Trailhead — famous for its picture-perfect view of the nine white letters — it triggered memories of fliers that compared tourists to swarming locusts and posters that asked them to go away.

But Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge urged tourists and hikers not to freak out, saying that the blocked access would only be temporary.

Starting Tuesday, the trail head will be closed for five weeks or so as the city’s Department of Recreation and Parks installs a wrought-iron gate at the top of Beachwood Drive. With input from people in the community, LaBonge said, the department decided that it made sense to switch out the old T-bar gate, which was often closed at night but easy to jump over, for a more secure barrier.

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