Man Charges Toward Oncoming Train to Save Woman on Tracks

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A man was being hailed as a hero Friday after running toward an oncoming train in order to save a woman who fell from a subway platform in Chicago.


A man jumped onto the tracks in Chicago to save a woman who fell from a platform. (Credit: WGN)

Wednesday’s act of bravery was caught on camera, when off-duty TSA worker Eddie Palacios jumped onto the tracks and ran about 30 feet toward a train as it approached the station.

Palacios, 50, was seen in the video waving his arms to get the operator’s attention. The train stopped just in time.

The woman was lifted back onto the platform and taken to a hospital for treatment.

Palacios said his TSA training kicked in, and he knew the train operator would see his bright clothing.

Shying away from the accolades stating he was a hero, Palacios said he was just being human.

“If we can’t depend on each other, then we really can’t depend on much,” Palacios said. “This is what we’re supposed to do, be human beings.”

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