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NY Woman Gets Birthday Card From Late Mother Mailed in 1969

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More than a decade after her parents passed away, a New York woman received a birthday card from her mother and father that was postmarked in 1969.


Susan Heifetz received three letters from 1969. (Credit: CNN)

The letter was delivered to an apartment in Brooklyn where Susan Heifetz grew up with her family, according to TV station WCBS.

The current tenant received the letter and tracked Heifetz down.

“I always knew that my parents watch over the family,” Heifetz told WCBS.  “It’s something else to get something like this. It validates everything.”

Heifetz told the station that the envelope even had her mother’s trademark lipstick mark.

“This was my mother’s thing at the time to always seal it with a kiss,” Heifetz said.

But the surprise didn’t end with just one letter. Three days later, two other letters from 1969 arrived.

One was from an old boyfriend who wrote Heifetz from Vietnam; the other from her brother, the station reported.

Heifetz told the station she had been struggling with a decision to move closer to her brother, which would mean leaving Brooklyn where her parents were buried.

She believed the letters were a sign from her parents that it is OK to go.

Heifety said it was as if her parents were saying, “‘Forty-five years later, we found you. We’re always going to be with you.'”

CNN contributed to this report.