Caught on Video: Out-of-Control Cement Truck Barrels Into Minivan

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The driver of a minivan who survived a head-on crash with a cement truck in Texas walked away without serious injury, and with one amazing piece of video.


Dash-cam video captures the moment a cement truck tipped over in a Texas intersection. (Credit: KBTX)

Dashcam video taken from inside the minivan showed a cement truck swerve through a College Station intersection in an attempt to avoid a pickup.

The cement truck driver, who allegedly ran a red light, lost control and tipped over before sliding head-on into Zhu’s minivan, according to local television station KBTX.

Zhu, a professor at Texas A&M University, installed the camera in case he was ever involved in a crash, the television station reported.

Neither Zhu or the cement truck driver were seriously hurt, according to KBTX.