Teen Accused of Trying to Sell Explosives on Craigslist

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A 15-year-old from Newport Beach was detained Sunday for allegedly trying to sell 51 pounds of illegal fireworks on Craigslist, police announced on Monday.


Three types of explosive devices pictured in the Craigslist listing photo. (Credit: Newport Beach Police Department)

The teenager was taken into custody after the Los Angeles County Fire Department Arson Unit found a Craigslist ad featuring items similar to those were being sold at an illegal fireworks manufacturer in Glendora, according to a news release from the Newport Beach Police Department.

Undercover personnel from the fire department contacted the Craigslist seller and arranged a meeting for a “buy-and-bust” operation, the release stated.

The unidentified juvenile was detained at his home on King’s Road where authorities discovered the fireworks.

Additional explosive devices identified as two M-80s, four M-1000s (also known as “quarter sticks”) and 20 M-5000s (also known as “half sticks”) were found at another location, the release stated.

All three types of explosive devices were pictured in the Craigslist ad, authorities said.

The teenager was booked at the Newport Beach Police Department and later released to his parents.