Victims Sought of Child Predator With Obsession for Girl’s Socks: Police

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Parents in Murrieta were being warned Monday about man with a sexual obsession with socks who has been seen stalking young girls outside schools and other meeting places for children.


Alexis Edmundo Garcia was arrested for child annoyance involving young girls in Murrieta. (Credit: Murrieta Police Department)

Alexis Edmundo Garcia was arrested on Friday after being spotted talking with a young girl near the Murrieta Boys and Girls Club, according to a news release from the Murrieta Police Department.

He was booked suspicion of contact with a minor with the intent to commit a sexual offense and child annoyance.

Over the past two months, Garcia had been seen loitering around several school campuses in Murrieta including, Mesa High School, Shivela Middle School, Rail Ranch Elementary and Alta Murrieta Elementary, the release stated.

In each case, detectives said the 31-year-old approached girls between the ages of 11 and 17 and struck up a conversation which centered around the victim’s socks, the release stated.

The investigation led detectives to believe Garcia has a sexual fixation with socks worn by young girls, the release stated.

Police believed he may have had contact with other girls and were urging parents to discuss the incidents with their daughters to determine if there are additional victims.

Anyone with information regarding this case was encouraged to call Detective Sergeant Phil Gomez at 951-461-6356 or the police non-emergency number at 951-696-3615. Predator