Child Abduction Hoax at Washington Playground Triggers Outrage

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Masked men in a van rolled up on a park in Washington state.


Staged child abduction at Washington state park triggers outrage. (Credit: KCPQ)

One of them jumped out, snatched a toddler and sprinted off.

The whole episode was caught on camera.

Onlookers say they were horrified. Some were even shaking and bawling.

But minutes later, twin brothers Jeremy and Jason Holden returned to the playground in Sequim, showed their faces and admitted that the whole thing was a hoax.

The pranksters said they were shooting a child predator awareness video.

Police say that because the brothers had permission from the boy’s mom to conduct the stunt, charges are unlikely.

“There’s no law against stupid,” police said.

In a statement made to HLN affiliate KCPQ, Jeremy Holden said that they “regret doing it,” and they “didn’t expect people to get that upset about it.”

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