Fullerton College Bathroom Peeper Strikes Again

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A man being sought in a series of bathroom peeping incidents at Fullerton College may have struck again, school officials said Thursday.

All three incidents have occurred in the 400 Building and the description of the intruder was consistent in all cases, according to a statement from Campus Communications.

The most recent case, which occurred on April 10, took place around 7 p.m. in the women’s restroom on the second floor of the 400 Building, campus officials said.

As the woman entered a bathroom stall, she noticed an individual wearing black canvas shoes and possibly shorts, according to Andrea Hanstein, Director of Campus Communications

Once the womam sat down, a man peered over the top of the stall.

When the victim yelled, the man ran off.

He was described as an Asian man with dark, short hair and possibly a small mole or freckle on his face, campus officials said.

Anyone with information was asked to contact Campus Safety at 714-992-7080, extension 0.


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