Anaheim Police K-9 Bruno Recovering; External Fixator Removed

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Nearly one month after an Anaheim police K-9 was shot in the face while on duty, the fixator used to help his jaw heal was removed, the Yorba Regional Animal Hospital stated Saturday.


Bruno can be seen for the first time without an external fixator, meant to help his healing jaw, in a photo posted by the Friends of the Anaheim Police K9 Association Facebook on April 19, 2014.

Bruno’s jawbones were healthy and had regained blood supply, his surgeon found during a Thursday examination, Dr. Steven Dunbar with the Yorba Regional Animal Hospital stated in a Friday Facebook post.

“The surgeon was very pleased with Bruno’s successful healing from the initial injury,” Dunbar stated.

A fixator made of pins and bars used to support bone fragments in Bruno’s jaw was removed and replaced with two plates meant to support his healing jaw, according to the post.

Bone grafts taken from Bruno’s rear leg were used to fill in gaps that remained in his jaw bone.

New bone was expected to grow on the grafts, bridging the gaps in his jaw bone.

Tissue grafts from the roof of Bruno’s mouth were also used to replace missing gum tissue, the post stated.

Bruno was shot on March 20 when he found a man that SWAT officers had been searching for.

The man, Robert Moreno, 21, then fired at Bruno and officers before they returned fire, killing him.

The incident left Bruno’s jaw shattered, his lung damaged and a bullet lodged close to his heart.

He has undergone multiple surgeries, including an emergency surgery after developing a life-threatening problem called gastric bloat on April 1.