Good Samaritan Helps Save Baby Orphan Bear in Lake Tahoe

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A good Samaritan dropped off an orphaned baby bear at the Bear League Offices in Lake Tahoe on Tuesday.

Caretakers don’t know what happened to the bear’s family, but suspect its mother may have died.

Those watching the bear call it Tahoe, and began feeding it bear formula and letting it play, but were also careful not to bond with her too much so she would someday be able to return to the wild.

“This is what keeps me going after 37 years, is because this little girl now will have the chance to grow up to be a healthy little bear,” Cheryl Millham with Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care said.

Without its mother or the caretakers, Tahoe would likely have died because she did not yet have teeth and could not eat on her own, Millham said.