Hundreds Praise, Support Palmdale Girl’s Creative Soda-Can Tab Dress

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For two weeks now I’ve had a problem that can only be described as good: drowning in a flood of emails and messages from readers — and not one of them angry.


Brie Fainblit of Palmdale, with her boyfriend, James Lawrence, shows off the soda-can-tab dress they made, with help from friends and relatives, before heading out to their senior prom. (Credit: KTLA)

Hundreds have contacted me in praise of a young woman I wrote about who had no money for a prom dress and so made one out of soda-can tabs.

They’ve asked how to help her, even though many admitted that they’re barely getting by themselves.

Brie Fainblit lives in Palmdale with her disabled mother and her aunt, who shoulders two part-time jobs to support them. Their kitchen shelves are often bare, their fridge is often empty, and sometimes they can’t keep the lights on or the water running.

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