San Bernardino Police Identify Gunshot Victim Found in Car

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Authorities on Saturday released the name of a man whose body was found inside a car that was parked near an abandoned warehouse in San Bernardino.

crime-scene tape filephoto

File photo of crime scene tape. (credit: flickr/Tex Texin via Creative Commons)

James Lee Dempsey, 50, apparently had been shot at least twice in the upper torso, according to Lt. Dan Gomez of the San Bernardino Police Department.

Officers made the discovery about 8 p.m. Friday after responding to the 3100 block of North Cajon Boulevard (map). The victim was in the front seat of the car, Gomez said.

No witnesses have come forward in the ongoing investigation, nor was anyone seen near the vehicle when the body was found, according to police.

Dempsey’s city of residence was unknown, but he may have lived in the Hemet area, Gomez said.