Northridge’s ‘Action Movie Kid’ Has New YouTube Adventure

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The newest YouTube installment from a creative Northridge dad — an animator at DreamWorks — shows his young son leaving the house for school and stepping into thin air.

“Action Movie Kid” — aka 3-year-old James — is the brainchild of Daniel Hashimoto, who has showcased his young son in a series of impressive videos.

Using Adobe AfterEffects, Hashimoto has shown James wielding a light saber, climbing over lava and blowing up Legos.

In the newest video, posted Saturday, James wears a blue backpack and pulls on safety goggles before venturing out the front door of a home.

He opens the door, the wind blows forcefully in and then James drops into the atmosphere, thousands of feet above the earth below.

“You forgot your lunch!” yells an off-camera voice.

The caption on the YouTube video, titled, “Going to School,” reads: “He gets there way faster than the school bus, but with admittedly worse hair.”

Hashimoto’s own YouTube page includes more of his work, while all of the James videos are gathered on the Action Movie Kid page on YouTube.

More information is on the Action Movie Kid Facebook page.


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