Boy Admits Fabricating Sexual Assault Claim in Hermosa Beach

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A 13-year-old boy admitted Tuesday that he fabricated his story about being sexually assaulted in a park restroom in Hermosa Beach.


Boy admits making up story about being sexually assaulted in park restroom in Hermosa Beach. (Credit: KTLA)

The teenager initially told police that he had been attacked by a man inside a bathroom at Valley Park on Wednesday.

The boy later admitted the allegation was untrue, according to a news release from the Hermosa Beach Police Department.

His motive for fabricating the sexual assault claim was still under investigation, police said.

Because this case involved a minor, police said no further information would be released regarding the case.

The Hermosa Beach case was one of two reported sexual assaults in public restrooms in the South Bay last week.

Police said the second assault at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach was still open and active.

Anyone with information on the Manhattan Beach case was urged to contact Detective Traci Navarrette at 310-802-5125.