Fix It Friday: Photo Organization

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When we asked you to email in with your tech woes, one issue kept coming up: photo organization!


It’s no surprise. We’re taking more photos than ever, and keeping them in order is no easy task. In this edition of Fix it Friday, I’m showing you how to get your collection under control.

Steps used:

  1. Alana had her photos spread out across various devices: an old, failing laptop, desktop computer, iPhone and camera memory card. The first thing we did was to get all of her pictures collected into one location – her desktop computer.
  2. Instead of trying to export all of her photos from her failing laptop at once, we broke them up into years using “smart albums” on iPhoto, then exported them in batches.
  3. We dragged and dropped all of her photos into iPhoto on the desktop computer, letting it automatically skip any duplicates it found.
  4. Once we had all of her photos there, we used Dropbox’s iPhoto import tool to automatically backup all of her photos to the cloud. Dropbox was kind enough to hook up Alana with 100 gigs of storage for a year. This way she will be able to access all of her photos from any device. Dropbox has a great feature where it automatically sorts your photos into a chronological timeline, so it makes finding a picture from a specific month or year super easy.
  5. Finally, we worked with Radio Shack to give Alana two devices – a Toshiba Canvio 1 TB hard drive, and an Asus Transformer Book. We used Apple’s Time Machine feature along with the hard drive to automatically back up Alana’s entire computer and photo collection.
  6. The Asus Transformer Book will allow Alana to stop relying on her failing laptop. Plus she can access her Dropbox photos on there!
  7. Now her pictures are in order and backed up in two places – an external hard drive and the cloud.
  8. Note: this is not necessarily a complicated job but it is a time consuming task. You want to be sure that you don’t lose any precious photos in the process, and a it takes a while for your computer to export the files, especially if it’s older as in this case.

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