Homeowner Says Yorkie Killed in Confrontation With Meter Reader

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The San Bernardino Humane Society was investigating the death Thursday of a Yorkshire terrier named Bean Bean who was allegedly struck by a meter reader and later died.


Bean Bean was hit in the head and died from blunt force trauma. (Credit: Family photo)

Dog owner Cathy Rodriguez was in the front yard of her Redland’s home when the Southern California Gas Company meter reader arrived around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday.

She said the man ignored her request to wait outside the gate until she put her 3 Yorkies in the house.

“I said, ‘do you need to get to the meter?’ and he said, ‘yes.’ I said, ‘let me put my dogs away,'” Rodriguez said. “By the time I turned around, he was inside my fence.”

When he came into the yard the dogs immediately ran after him, she said, nipping at his heels.

“He got that baton out and said, ‘one of them bit me,'” Rodriguez said.

Bean Bean was hit in the head and died from blunt force trauma, according to the San Bernardino Humane Society.

“She was knocked out. I had to watch her pass away,” Rodriguez said.

The Gas Company apologized for the incident and offered to pay for Bean Bean’s medical bills, Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said the meter reader may not have intentionally tried to kill her dog, but he was reckless.

The worst part, Rodriguez said, has been watching her two other dogs, Daisy and Ziggy, looking for their little pal.

“Daisy is still looking for her sister,” Rodriguez said. “They were glued at the hip everywhere we went.”

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