Motorcyclist Killed During Crash With Bus Identified as Chatsworth Resident

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A motorcyclist killed during a collision with a Metro bus in Chatsworth was identified by the Los Angeles Police Department Friday morning.


Manuel Jimenez Galvan, 52, of Chatsworth was killed when his motorcycle collided with a Metro bus on May 8, 2014. (Credit: DMV)

Manuel Jimenez Galvan was traveling westbound on Nordhoff Street when his motorcycle collided with a bus that was facing eastbound and making a left turn in Chatsworth Thursday night, according to an LAPD Valley Traffic Division news release.

The crash occurred in the 21000 block of Nordhoff Street (map), according to Erik Scott with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Galvan was 52, Ed Winter with the coroner’s office said. Galvan was a Chatsworth resident, according to LAPD.

The female bus driver was transported to a local hospital in fair condition, Scott said.

She appeared to be visibly shaken as she was put onto a stretcher at the time of the collision.


Investigators worked at the scene of the collision in Chatsworth on Thursday, May 8, 2014. (Credit: KTLA)