$20 Million Lawsuit Filed Against LAPD Officers Who Fatally Shot Veteran

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An attorney who filed a $20 million lawsuit against the police officers who shot and killed a disabled veteran in L.A. said Friday that he eagerly awaited the LAPD’s findings in its investigation into the case.


Attorney Dale Galipo announced a $20 million lawsuit on May 15, 2014, against the City of L.A. and officers who fatally shot a disabled veteran. (Credit: KTLA)

The veteran’s family and their attorneys announced a wrongful-death lawsuit on Thursday against the officers and City of Los Angeles, claiming excessive force was used against Brian Beaird when he was gunned down after a police pursuit in December 2013.

“Clearly unarmed, clearly no immediate threat to the life of the officers or anyone else. Members of the LAPD opened fire on him and shot and killed him,” Attorney Dale Galipo said.

The Los Angeles Police Department attempted to pull over Beaird for reckless driving and a possible driving under the influence when an hour and a half long pursuit ensued, officials said at the time.

After Beaird’s Corvette T-boned an SUV, he could be seen exiting his vehicle and attempting to flee the scene on foot when he was shot, aerial video from Sky5 showed.

Beaird, 51, was emotionally disturbed and feared police, his family said.


Brian Newt Beaird, 51, of Oceanside was shot and killed following a pursuit that ended in a violent crash. (Credit: DMV)

“He even made a couple calls to his family during the pursuit saying he was afraid, he didn’t know why they were chasing him and wanted to know what he should do,” Galipo said.

Three officers were on administrative leave during a department investigation, Galipo said.

“Without any prosecution, without any discipline or retraining to the officers these shootings are going to continue to happen time and time again,” Galipo said.

Galipo expected to receive the LAPD’s investigation, including the names of the officers involved, in the next three to four months, and the family wanted the district attorney’s office to review the case.

“We’ll see what the D.A. and LAPD does, but we’re not holding our breath,” Galipo said. “We’re moving forward with this no matter what.”

Galipo was also part of a lawsuit filed by another family of a man fatally shot by police in Long Beach, according to a news release from his law office.

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