Chihuahua Rescued From Busy California Freeway Reunited With Owners

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A 2-year-old Chihuahua rescued from the concrete divider of a busy Northern California highway is safely home with its owners, who had been searching for it for days.


The California Highway Patrol tweeted this photo of an officer rescuing a stranded Chihuahua on a busy California Freeway on May 9, 2014.

The dog named Charm had reportedly dug a hole under the family’s fence and escaped, probably running toward a nearby onramp to Interstate 680 in Walnut Creek, said Lt. Jane Andreotti of Contra Costa Animal Services.

After escaping the family’s home, the dog ran across traffic lanes, avoiding cars and somehow hopped onto the divider. Fearing for its life, the Chihuahua clutched onto the divider and remained there until authorities arrived, she said.

“It’s highly unusual but not impossible,” Andreotti said. “When they are frightened, they will do crazy things.”

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