Puppy Dumped From SUV Tries to Follow Vehicle As It Drives Away

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A Las Vegas area family was looking for a good home Monday for a puppy abandoned by someone who dumped the 6-month-old lab mix on their street.


Puppy tries to catch up with SUV after being dumped on street in Henderson, Nevada on May 5, 2014. (Credit: KLAS)

Home surveillance video showed an SUV drive into the Henderson, Nevada neighborhood on May 5.

Someone inside the vehicle dropped the dog out on the street and then drove off.

The video showed the puppy looking confused as it tried in vain to follow the SUV down the street.

“I just feel really bad that someone could actually just open the car door and just dump this beautiful animal,” Toni Luisi told local TV station KLAS.

Luisi found the puppy, she calls Graci, outside the gates of her home and has been caring for her.

“I mean, how do they treat their children if this is how they treat their dog?” Luisi told the station.

Anyone who could give Graci a good home was asked to email Luisi at gracithepuppy@yahoo.com.

“We’re gonna keep her as long as we can,” Luisi told KLAS. “I mean, it would be better, because she’s so young, to get into a stable environment now so that people can get used to her, train her the way they would like her to be trained. But I’ll keep her until… we find a good home.”

CNN contributed to this story.


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