Anti-SeaWorld Ad Posted at San Diego Airport After PETA Lawsuit

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Faced with a lawsuit by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority agreed to allow PETA’s anti-SeaWorld advertisement to be displayed at Lindbergh Field, the American Civil Liberties Union announced Wednesday.


An anti-SeaWorld ad was posted at Lindbergh Field in San Diego following a lawsuit filed by PETA. (Credit: CNN)

PETA had sought to buy space at the airport terminal for an ad featuring actress Kathy Najimy (“Sister Act,” “Hocus Pocus”) asking visitors to avoid SeaWorld “if you like animals like I do.”

“Nothing is more fundamental to the 1st Amendment than the principle that government may not silence speech because of its viewpoint,” said David Loy, legal director at the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties, which backed PETA in its lawsuit.

In response to the decision, SeaWorld San Diego said that “PETA is an extremist organization and this ad demonstrates that, once again, they are more interested in publicity stunts than helping animals. The truth is that our animals at SeaWorld are healthy and happy.”

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