‘Avengers’ Cast Members Join Forces to Rally for Dying Fan

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When the “Avengers” assemble, it’s usually to fight some evil villain with plans to conquer the world. However, the super hero team recently banded together for a bigger cause.


Cast members of “The Avengers” have joined forces to help dying fan. (Credit: HLN)

Comic book fan Stratford Caldecott was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2011 and is now in the final stages of the disease. Doctors estimate he has 12 weeks left.

Because of the cancer, Caldecott wasn’t able to go to the movie theater to see “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and the DVD release isn’t scheduled until August. And by then, his family fears it will be too late.

So Caldecott’s daughter, Sophie, decided to take action. She wrote about the situation on her blog and tweeted out to cast members of “The Avengers” asking them to help. And like their super hero alter-egos, they saved the day.

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