Supporters of Isla Vista Survivor Take to Twitter With #PrayForCheeks

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A violent rampage in Isla Vista Friday night left six people dead and 13 others injured, including a Northern California college student whose supporters tweeted #PrayForCheeks throughout the weekend.


Twitter users posted #PrayForCheeks in support of injured water polo player Nick Pasichuke after he was injured during a violent rampage in Isla Vista on May 23, 2014.

Nick Pasichuke underwent surgery and will require physical therapy to walk again after sustaining two broken legs when he was struck by the BMW driven by suspected attacker Elliot Rodger, CNN reported.

“Out of nowhere got swooped up by a car and thrown about 50 yards … So far down the street,” he said. “It was all a real blur and next thing I know I’m on the ground and can’t move my legs.”

The water polo player, who attends the University of the Pacific in Stockton, Calif., was visiting a friend in Isla Vista when the shooting rampage occurred.

Pasichuke was informed by a police officer that there were other victims while he waited for medical assistance.

“They informed me it would be a while before medical personnel would be there because they were attending to multiple gunshot victims,” Pasichuke said.

A friend told CNN that Pasichuke’s condition was visibly improving.

“He is in much better condition than he was yesterday,” Marissa Neel said over the weekend. “Yesterday, he was pretty zonked out on meds and just really overwhelmed with everything. But today, he seems a lot more lively. I’ve been holding more conversations with him, so that’s nice to see.”

Supporters began tweeting #PrayForCheeks on Saturday:

Three of the 13 injured remained hospitalized as of Monday; two were in good condition and one in fair condition, according to a public affairs official at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

Rodgers died Friday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound after he allegedly attacked multiple people with sharp weapons, guns and his BMW.

Multiple vigils were scheduled throughout the week in support of the victims of the violence.