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@Hidden Cash Hides 36 Angry Birds Filled With Money at Hermosa Beach

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An “EPIC” scavenger hunt on Saturday in Hermosa Beach that was created by the generous Twitter user @HiddenCash prompted thousands to post speculative tweets about the games possible location and some to search throughout the night.

@HiddenCash stated Friday that 36 Angry Bird toys stuffed with cash would be hidden at an undisclosed location and an 11 a.m. clue the following day would begin the “biggest” scavenger “hunt in L.A. history.”


Ahead of @HiddenCash’s clues, Sherry Tyndall (left) and Nick Marlas (right) stayed up throughout the night digging for cash at Santa Monica Beach on May 31, 2014. (Credit: KTLA)

One pair thought the game may take place at Santa Monica Beach and dug in the sand with a shovel throughout the night.

“Ready to find an ‘epic’ amount of cash,” Nick Marlas said around 6 a.m.

The two thought “epic” may refer to the popularity of the beach chosen, but were unsure by the morning hours.

“We were trying to figure it out. Maybe it was the name of a store or an anagram for something. I don’t know,” Sherry Tyndall said.

@HiddenCash tweeted KTLA around 8 a.m. that the beach was not in Santa Monica or Venice.

Due to traffic delays the Twitter user was not able to publish hunts location until after the 11 a.m. promised tweet.

The “anonymous social experiment for good” was started by someone who recently closed a real estate deal and wanted to pay it forward.

“I love to give back,” the donor told the Los Angeles Times. “I would love to have more join me to give back more.”

Sunday would be the last day @HiddenCash would make drops in L.A., the account stated.

@HiddenCash had gained 384,000 Twitter followers and worldwide media attention as of Saturday.

KTLA’s Dave Mecham contributed to this report.