Gov. Jerry Brown Takes Easy Lead, Will Face Neel Kashkari in November

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Dashing toward an unprecedented fourth term, Gov. Jerry Brown romped to victory in Tuesday’s state primary and in November will face Republican Neel Kashkari, who emerged from a fractious intra-party battle to win a chance to take on the incumbent.


Republican Neel Kashkari and Gov. Jerry Brown spoke on primary Election Day on June 3, 2014. (Credit: KTLA/CNN)

Kashkari and Tim Donnelly fought late into the night for the opportunity to challenge Brown, but Donnelly conceded the race nearly four hours after the polls closed.

Brown’s commanding lead was a reflection both of Democratic dominance in California and widespread approval of his tenure. Emerging from the historic governor’s mansion in Sacramento after the polls closed, the incumbent proclaimed victory.

“What won this election tonight is curing a $27-billion deficit, keeping my promise not to raise taxes unless the people themselves voted for it and bringing government close to the people,” said Brown, 76, who was first elected governor in 1974.

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