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This Sunday, we can support the local Special Olympics athletes and enjoy a wide range of music. Gayle Anderson has all the details on how to spend your Sunday in today’s ‘Gayle On The Go’.




Summer of Wonder
Aquarium of the Pacific
100 Aquarium Way
Long Beach
(562) 590-3100
The Aquarium of the Pacific invites the public to experience its Summer of Wonder, which features new exhibits, interactive experiences and programs that take visitors on a journey from an exotic island in the South Pacific to the urban rivers of Southern California.

See and learn about several endangered species, including the Guam Kingfisher, one of the world’s most endangered species, which can no longer be seen in the wild. The Guam Kingfisher was nearly wiped out of existence by the invasive brown tree snake. Around the time of WWII, the snake slithered onto ships in the South Pacific. When the ships docked in Guam, the snakes invaded the island decimating its kingfisher population. The Guam Department of Aquatic Wildlife Resources, the Aquarium and Zoo Association (AZA), U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and several other institutions collected the remaining birds in Guam, and a recovery program for the species was established in 1984. The Aquarium of the Pacific is participating in an AZA program aimed at repopulating these birds in the wild. The Aquarium acquired its breeding pair of Guam Kingfishers through its partnership in the Species Survival Plan administered by the AZA. The Aquarium’s staff members collectively contributed more than $40,000 toward the new aviary for the Guam Kingfishers.

And, see the Aquarium’s Southern California Steelhead Story exhibit documents the resilience of the Southern California steelheads (Oncorhynchus mykiss), who were listed as an endangered species in 1997. Southern California steelheads are a form of rainbow trout that spend most of their adult lives in the ocean. Like salmon, the steelheads spawn in freshwater streams and rivers. Southern California steelheads have historically travelled up and down the Los Angeles, San Gabriel, and other local rivers to spawn and return to the ocean. At one time, the San Gabriel River was known as one of the best steelhead fishing rivers in the state. However, dams and water diversions, urban development, and livestock grazing have nearly decimated the southern steelhead runs. Only a few hundred make their yearly spawning pilgrimage. Additional information courtesy the Center for Biological Diversity.

Visitors will also discover the horseshoe crab, a 20 million-year arthropod species whose blue blood aids in medical care. Horseshoe crabs live in bacteria-filled habitats in which they are under the constant threat of infection. To survive in this environment, horseshoe crab’s blood contains LAL (Limulus Amebocyte Lystate), a blood-clotting compound that immediately binds and clots around fungi, viruses and bacterial endotoxins. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized the LAL test as an alternative to current methods of testing for endotoxins and now uses horseshoe crab blood to test every drug it certifies for bacterial contamination as well as pacemakers and prosthetic devices. Information courtesy PBS.

In addition to debuting these new exhibits during its Summer of Wonder, the Aquarium will feature a new bonnethead shark and cownose ray touch experience, behind-the-scenes looks at animal feedings, and the chance to make and drive a remotely-operated vehicle.

In June, there will be a morning penguin walk.





Aquarium of the Pacific
100 Aquarium Way
Long Beach
562 590 3100
Also, at the Aquarium of the Pacific, a celebration of World Ocean Day with an evening performance by the Long Beach Chorale in the Aquarium’s Great Hall. The Chorale performs a program of ocean and marine life-themed music with the Aquarium’s Honda Blue Cavern exhibit as the backdrop. Musical selections on the program include music by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Edvard Grieg, folk songs, tunes from Disney, and even sea chanteys. The music will celebrate marine animals like whales, seals, and lobsters, and invoke the movements and atmosphere of the sea.

Cabaret Culturel @ 12:30pm
Kayamanan Ng Lahi Philippine Folk Arts
Luminarias Restaurant
3500 Ramona Boulevard
Monterey Park
323 268 4177
See the beauty and culture of Filipino dance and music at a special performance in Monterey Park at Luminarias Restaurant. The talented members of this non-profit organization are preparing and fundraising for performances later this summer in Provence, France.





2014 Special Olympics Summer Games Invitational
University of Southern California
University Park
Los Angeles
The Special Olympics Summer Games Invitational is the first of two championships held every year. This year’s event hosts more than 1,200 athletes and 370 coaches, traveling from all over Southern California as well as some 220 delegates from 13 countries around world. Competitions include aquatics, track & field, basketball, bocce, golf, and gymnastics.

The event is Friday, June 6th through Sunday, June 8th at the University of Southern California campus. The Summer Games Invitational is FREE and open to the public. More than 3,000 volunteers and 10,000 local dignitaries, sponsors and spectators are expected to attend.

Award ceremonies are held at all sports venues after the events. The Closing Ceremony is 3 p.m. Sunday, June 8th at the Special Olympics Festival in Alumni Park.

In addition to the competitions, there will be a Special Olympics Festival that features games, live entertainment, community and law enforcement exhibits, and more. Visitors can pick up Special Olympics souvenirs and merchandise at Rafer’s Boutique. Children with intellectual disabilities, ages 2.5 to 7, can participate in the Young Athletes Program demonstration, which focuses on activities important to mental/physical growth. The Young Athletes Program is an early introduction to sports and to the world of the Special Olympics. The Healthy Athlete Village offers FREE health screenings for athletes.
Route 66: The Road and the Romance
Autry National Center of the American West
4700 Western Heritage Way
Los Angeles
(323) 667-2000
The Autry National Center brings together the lore and allure of Route 66, America’s Main Street, which was a road that ran from Chicago to Los Angeles. Learn why the Mother Road declined, in many ways a victim of its own success. The road was decommissioned in 1985. Learn what remains and where.






50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang
Petersen Automotive Museum
6060 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles
323 930 2277
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang at the Petersen Automotive Museum.
The new exhibit: MUSTANGS FOREVER – 50 YEARS OF A LEGEND features everything from the first Mustang to customized Mustangs.






San Marino Motor Classic: Design in Motion @ 9am
Lacy Park
1485 Virginia Road
San Marino
You can find more classic cars at the fourth annual San Marino Motor Classic at Lacy Park in San Marino. More than 200 classic and rare cars spanning nearly a century are on display as well as classic motorcycles.

Proceeds from this year’s show will benefit the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, the Petersen Automotive Museum and the Rotary Club of San Marino.





A Royal Passion: Queen Victoria and Photography
The Getty Center
1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles
310 440 7300
This is the last day to see the beginnings of photography at the Getty in the exhibition A Royal Passion: Queen Victoria and Photography.
Just two years after Victoria became queen of Great Britain, photography was invented. Queen Victoria immediately began commissioning both family and individual portraits, and the royal interest in the new art form catapulted photography into the popular imagination.






Pompeii: The Exhibition
California Science Center
700 Exposition Park Drive
Los Angeles
323 724 3623

In the year 79 A.D., Pompeii vanished beneath thick layers of volcanic ash left by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. But what nature destroyed, it also preserved.

Pompeii: The Exhibition features over 150 precious artifacts on loan from the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy, which offer a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle and tragic end of this ancient Roman society forgotten for centuries until its rediscovery over 250 years ago.

From garden frescoes and marble statues to gladiator armor, coins and currency to religious altars and shrines — all set in their original surroundings — experience daily life in this once vibrant Roman city. Then, as the floors shake and the walls rumble, relive the volcano’s catastrophic eruption through an immersive CGI experience, culminating in the reveal of full body casts of twisted human forms, asphyxiated by extreme heat and noxious gases and forever frozen in time.

Through excavated artifacts, multimedia experiences, and hands-on science exhibits, guests will learn the science of archaeology, volcanology, and Roman engineering while exploring the ancient civilization of Pompeii.






Obession: The Stadium Photography & Soccer Shirt Collection of Jim Dow
Riverside Art Museum
3425 Mission Inn Avenue
951 684 7111
The Riverside Art Museum is proud to present, OBSESSION: The Stadium Photography and Soccer Shirt Collection of Jim Dow, a photography exhibition focused on facets of soccer/football culture through a documentary lens that includes stadiums, clubs, corner stores, and team jerseys from around the world.
This exhibition coincides with the 2014 World Cup tournament, featuring a team shirt installation that responds to the evolving dynamic of teams competing in the World Cup throughout its duration.
Dow first gained attention for his panoramic triptychs of baseball stadiums, a project that began with an image he made of Veteran’s Stadium in Philadelphia in 1980. Using an 8″ x 10″ camera, he has documented more than two hundred major and minor league parks in the United States and Canada, as well as soccer stadiums (his true love) in Argentina, England, Mexico, Scotland, the United States and Uruguay.






Inland Empire Greek Festival On the Hill @ Noon
Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church
1035 Inland Center Drive
San Bernardino
We’re invited to the Inland Empire Greek Festival on the Hill. We’re promised plenty of Greek food, Greek beverages, Greek music and Greek dancing!






County: Portraits of an American Sound
Annenberg Space for Photography
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles
213 403 3000
Country: Portraits of an American Sound is a new exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography. See images of the pioneers, poets and icons of country music – as well as – country albums, film posters, as well as rare archival artifacts — for free!
The work of the featured photographers spans post-World War II America to the new century. In addition to more than one-hundred 110 prints, the exhibit also features an original half-hour documentary commissioned by the Annenberg Space for Photography and produced by Arclight Productions.


Gayle, Gayle on the Go
KTLA 5 News
5800 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Also, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: ktlagayle
So, what’s going on in your world? Let us know! Please be sure to provide video with your request. The deadline for your information is Tuesday 5pm.
Have a GREAT Sunday!
Gayle Anderson, KTLA 5 News.


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