World Cup: Another Controversial Call During Mexico Win Over Cameroon

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Two games down. Two (maybe three) critically cockeyed calls by referees. Too much unwanted attention focused on the dudes with the whistles and rear-pocket notebooks.


Fans gathered in Lynwood to watch Mexico take on Cameroon on Friday, June 13, 2014, the second day of the World Cup. (Credit: KTLA)

Giovani dos Santos of Mexico easily could have been working on a hat trick during the second half against Cameroon. But his two apparent goals were vetoed by referee Wilmar Roldan of Colombia and his unhelpful linesmen for the alleged infraction of offsides.

Replays confirm that Dos Santos, a hotly debated lineup replacement for the esteemed Javier Hernandez, was stationed inside the Cameroon back line when a cross was aimed his way inside the penalty area. The officiating crew, perhaps temporarily blinded by a downpour, saw it otherwise.

A subsequent corner kick bounced off a defender’s noggin toward the far post, where Dos Santos muscled it past keeper Charles Itandje. Though not as clear-cut as the previous canceled goal, it appeared legit. Roldan, alas, waved it off again.

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