L.A. Girls School Launches Inquiry Into Reports of Teacher Misconduct

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Officials at Marlborough School, a private all-girls high school in Hancock Park, said Sunday that they contacted the Los Angeles Police Department last week after a former student reported inappropriate conduct by a male teacher.

The incident, which the school characterized as an "inappropriate physical relationship," took place a decade ago, according to a statement released to The Times. The statement provided no details about the incident or the woman who made the complaint.

It also did not say why the woman came forward at this time. But her contact with the school came just days after another former Marlborough student published an online essay contending that she had had an uncomfortable encounter with the same English teacher during the 2011-12 school year.

In the essay, published June 30 on the website xoJane.com, the student said the teacher had sent her a series of suggestive emails and made other inappropriate remarks. Marlborough's statement to The Times acknowledged that more recent incident. The school said it conducted an internal review and took disciplinary action.

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