Men Dressed in Women’s Clothes Accused of Stealing Baby Formula

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Samuel Frank, left, and Darrin White, center, were dressed in women's clothing when they were taken into custody at a Rite Aid in Glendale on Saturday, July 12, 2014, police said. An alleged accomplice, Edward Nino, right, was arrested in the same incident.

Three men, two of whom were dressed in women’s clothing, were arrested in connection with the theft of baby formula at a Rite Aid in Glendale, authorities said Wednesday.

Samuel Deshaun Frank, 28, Darrin Lamont White, 20, and Edward Stephen Nino, 25, were taken into custody at the retail location in the 500 block of North Glendale Avenue (map) on July 12, according to a police statement.

An investigation indicated that a security officer saw White and Frank, disguised in women’s clothing, as they entered the store and walked directly to an isle stocked with Enfamil baby formula, the statement said. The suspects then allegedly picked up two cans of the product, concealed them in each of their purses and exited the store without paying for the items.

The security guard “contacted” the two men and advised them to hand over the merchandise, and police were notified, authorities said. Officers from the Glendale Police Department responded about 2 p.m.

Upon searching a car that Frank had parked in the store’s parking lot, the officers found 24 cans of Enfamil “scattered on the floor, and 10 of the cans had Vons tracking numbers,” the department said.

Under the vehicle, police also found a backpack and clothes belonging to the Rite Aid security guard; he had placed it on the ground, near the front of the store, before contacting the two suspects, officials said.

A third man, identified as Edward Nino, was located outside the store and “determined to be involved with White and Frank,” according to the statement. Surveillance video allegedly showed Nino, who had a warrant for his arrest, entering the Rite Aid with the other men and exiting the building before they were detained by the security guard.

A search of Nino’s pockets yielded a check and pay stub that belonged to the security guard and had been removed from his backpack, police said.

A  subsequent investigation confirmed that Enfamil had been stolen from a Vons in 300 block of West Los Feliz Road, where surveillance video showed the three suspects on July 12, authorities said.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office filed two counts of burglary against the three men. Nino was also charged with one count of identity theft.