Fix It Friday: Pet Shelter Camera Woes

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Helping a pet shelter find homes for rescued animals with a little help from tech!

It’s another Fix It Friday and this time we’re helping a pet shelter streamline their picture taking process so pets can find homes faster.


Shelter Hope Pet Shop wants to find homes for rescued animals, but their donated computers were unorganized and couldn’t connect to the printer.

On top of that, the shelter needed to regularly post pictures of newly rescued animals, but their wireless camera was having issues connecting to the cloud–until we stepped in.

We downloaded manufacturer specific software so the wireless printer could be recognized on each  computer.

Then we synced all of their photos and documents using a shared Dropbox folder.

And finally, to streamline their photo taking process, we set them up with a Samsung Galaxy Camera 2  which has built in WiFi so the the pictures they take are instantly synced to their Dropbox folder.

Fix It Friday at Shelter Hope

Contact Info:

Shelter Hope Pet Shop at Janss Marketplace
193 N. Moorpark Rd. East, Suite F, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Phone: 805-379-3538

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