Testimony Concludes in Probate Court Trial Between Donald and Shelly Sterling

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Testimony in the probate court trial between Donald and Shelly Sterling finished Wednesday with the contentious examination of Dr. Jeffrey Cummings.

The Alzheimer’s disease expert from the Cleveland Clinic testified Dr. Meril Platzer’s May exam of Donald Sterling, one of two used to declare him mentally incapacitated, wasn’t appropriate because of Shelly Sterling’s presence.

“My impression was … there is a stress in the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Sterling,” said Cummings, who wasn’t present for the exam.

The testimony in Los Angeles Superior Court elicited a stream of objections from Shelly Sterling’s attorneys and exasperated Judge Michael Levanas. The judge repeatedly expressed skepticism at the testimony’s relevance because both parties agreed before the trial that Donald Sterling’s mental capacity wouldn’t be contested. That meant that topics such as Cummings’ exam of Donald Sterling last month that declared him mentally fit were off limits.

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