Compton School Official Accused of Performing Oral Sex on Sleeping Man Urged to Step Down

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Skyy Fisher has been a controversial figure on the Compton Unified School Board of Trustees since he was elected in 2011. City leaders and residents called for his resignation after he used a homophobic slur to refer to Trayvon Martin in a podcast in 2012. (Photo via Facebook)

Community leaders called for the resignation of school board member Skyy Fisher on Friday, a day after he was released from jail on suspicion of sexually assaulting a man who was alseep.

Activist Najee Ali said Fisher “has become an embarrassment for the city of Compton and [the] school board.” He demanded Fisher immediately step down.

“Fisher’s behavior by a publicly elected official has been disgraceful,” Ali said. He “should not be working around our children.”

Fisher was arrested after a male friend reported Fisher performed oral sex on him while he was sleep, according to the arrest warrant filed Tuesday in San Diego County Superior Court.

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