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‘Apparently’ 5-Year-Old Fairgoer Steals the Show in TV News Interview in Pennsylvania

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A precocious Pennsylvania boy “apparently” stole the show during an interview with a reporter at KTLA’s sister station in Pennsylvania.

In a video posted Monday, 5-year-old Noah Ritter of Wilkes-Barre was asked about his experience on a ride at the local county fair when he began a kind of speech, taking the microphone and repeatedly using the word “apparently.”

“It was great. And, apparently, I’ve never been on live television before,” Noah told WNEP reporter Sofia Ojeda. “Apparently, sometimes I don’t watch the news -- because I’m a kid.”

Noah then launched into a description of the ride.

“All you do is get dizzy, and I’ve never, ever been on live television,” Noah said. “Apparently, I already went down the ‘Super Slide.’ When I went down … I was scared half to death.

“I just freak out,” he said, handing the microphone back.

Noah then gets a high-five from Ojeda and proceeds with his grandfather back into the crowd at the Wayne County Fair in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

WNEP’s video, posted to YouTube, was racking up the views. In a followup interview  with WNEP on Tuesday, Noah acknowledged his overuse of "apparently" in the initial video.

“It was great but apparently I was, like, so embarrassed,” Noah said. “Because apparently -- now I’m just using the words that I used when I was filmed at the county fair.”

Noah’s grandfather told the station that the talkative youngster was looking forward to entering kindergarten.