‘That’s All Folks’: 5-Year-Old Mayor Graciously Leaves Office After Election Loss to Teen

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Bobby Tufts’ mayoral career is over at age 5. The Dorset, Minn., mayor posted his concession speech on Twitter on Sunday: “That’s all folks.”

That was the day he lost his office to a 16-year-old boy with a taste for fried ice cream.The way you become mayor in Dorset is by putting your name in a bucket at businesses in the little Midwestern tourist town, population about 25.

Stuffing the ballot box is encouraged for this honorary office.Ian Wallace, who works at Sister Wolf Books in Dorset, told the L.A. Times: “You put a dollar into the bucket along with your ballot and at the Taste of Dorset they put all the names into one large hat, and then they pull one out and that’s the new mayor of Dorset.”

Money from the balloting goes toward festival expenses.

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