Police Search for Group of Teenage Boys After Groping Incident Involving 83-Year-Old Woman

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Police on Friday were searching for a group of teenage boys after one of them allegedly groped an 83-year-old woman on a street in Glendale, officials said.

Celeste Bell, a military mom who no longer drives, said she was out for a stroll near the intersection of Palmer Avenue and Tyler Street on Wednesday afternoon when the teens approached her in a black sedan.

The vehicle came to a stop and the boys asked her for directions, she said in an interview.

One of the teenagers asked her where “Palmer Street” was, then touched her left breast when she was within arm’s reach, she said.

His cohorts laughed, and all of the boys then fled, according to Bell. She described them as being between the ages of 15 and 17.

“I was very mad,” she told a reporter, saying she was also in disbelief that a young man could do such a thing. “Where are the parents?”

Tom Lorenz, spokesman for the Glendale Police Department, described the teen’s actions as “very, very callous, very stupid.”

“I probably could use a few other words, because we all have mothers and we all have grandmothers,” he added.

The boys, who possibly live in the neighborhood where the incident occurred, could face felony elder-abuse charges if apprehended, police said.

Bell believes they need to be taught a lesson.

“They might back,” she said. “You don’t do this to anybody – least [of all] an old lady.”