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High Surf Advisory in Effect for Southern California Beaches

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A high surf advisory was in effect for Los Angeles and Ventura Counties Sunday, warning swimmers about strong rip currents.

The unsafe swimming conditions were caused by a tropical storm about 900 miles southwest of the L.A. area, according to the National Weather Service.

Waves of 7 to 8 feet, with a maximum of 9 feet, were expected.

"When you get big waves like this, currents and rip currents, they're all along the coast ... if you're a swimmer, it's way more dangerous,"surfer Brian Pottger said. "If you're on a surf board, you're on top of the water, you can float away from the danger. But when you're a swimmer, you're pretty much stuck. So I'm thinking lifeguards are going to be quite busy this weekend."

Swimmers were advised to stay near lifeguard stations and swim parallel to the shore if caught in a rip current, NWS stated.

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