5 Madera County Jail Inmates Escape; 3 Were Being Held on Attempted Murder Charges

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(Credit: Tex Texin/flicker via Creative Commons)

(Credit: Tex Texin/flicker via Creative Commons)

Five Madera County jail inmates, including one charged with trying to kill a sheriff’s deputy, escaped from the facility Friday night and remained on the loose Saturday evening, authorities said.

Madera County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Erika Stewart said no one was injured in the escape, but it was not immediately clear how the five men managed to break out about 9:15 p.m. Friday.

“It was not a violent breakout, just a physical breach,” she said.

Three of the men, Abel Ramos, Juan Lopez and Ricardo Cendejas, were all being held on attempted murder charges as well as other violent felonies, according to a statement issued by the sheriff’s office.

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