Domestic Violence Awareness- Exposing the Abusive Female

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Exposing the Abusive Female reveals the true stories of men who were abused by the females in their lives. The author gives clinical insight into what happens when men are the ones being abused, instead of the women. She exposes the warning signs of those who are abusive and tells the stories of those she has interviewed in a compelling, honest and heartfelt way. Did you know that every 37 seconds a man is exposed to domestic violence by the woman in their life? They expose their personal shame to make a difference in the lives of other men experiencing abuse and violence at the hands of their wives or girlfriends.

Kimberly Taylor, M.S. – author, speaker, consultant and therapist in Riverside and Orange County.  Kimberly has worked in the field of counseling in both the private and public sector for the last 22 years with emphasis on Intimate Partner and Child Abuse. She is also the President/CEO of the Alliance for Family Wellness, a Corona-based agency designed to stop violence in the lives of men, women and children.

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For more information on Kimberly Taylor, M.S. and her new book, click HERE.

For more information on the Alliance for Family Wellness resource center for Intimate Partner Abuse and Child Abuse victims, click HERE.

Alliance for Family Wellness will hold a grand opening at its headquarters in Corona Oct 14 at 5pm.

Warning Signs for Men:

  1. Find out about her past relationships. How long did they last? Were they short lived? How did they end?
  2. Pay attention to how she handles anger in your relationship. What does she do when she is frustrated? How does she communicate when she is mad at you?
  3. See her on a bad day.
  4. Is she very demanding? Demanding of you, of your time, resources?
  5. Is she manipulating and controlling? Is she trying to control what you do and who you see? Does she turn things around so it is always your fault?
  6. Is she extremely jealous?
  7. Does she isolate you from friends and family?
  8. Does she say cruel things to you?
  9. Does she have mood swings?
  10. Does she show erratic behavior? Does she make impulsive decisions?