Venice Boardwalk’s Piano Man is Missing His Cat

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Nathan Pino with Baby Girl, who sat on his piano during his performances at Venice Beach. (Handout)

On a Venice boardwalk stocked with memorably Bohemian characters, the piano man and his cat, Baby Girl, managed to stand out.

For years the cat sat (or napped) on Nathan Pino’s piano during his performances of Bach or Beethoven — like a furry bar-lounge muse. With its copious, champagne-colored fur, the cat became co-star to Pino, a boardwalk staple dubbed the piano man by countless YouTube viewers and visitors.

Now Baby Girl is gone.

Baby Girl, who appears to be a Norwegian Forest cat, disappeared Saturday afternoon as the 61-year-old Pino was playing his usual classical program on his baby grand piano for tourists across from the Sidewalk Cafe.

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