Halloween Rainstorm Expected to Give SoCal the Chills

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A satellite image shows the weather system approaching from the northwest toward Southern California early Thursday. (Credit: National Weather Service)

If trick-or-treaters don’t get the chills from Halloween frights, they’ll most likely get them from the weather on Friday as a storm is forecast to move into Southern California.

The first widespread rainfall “in quite some time” is expected to hit just in time for Halloween and last through the weekend, dumping up to an inch of rain along the central coast and nearly a half-inch elsewhere as it passes over the Southland, National Weather Service forecasters say.

In addition to umbrellas, trick-or-treaters would do well to bundle up as temperatures take a dip, making for a chilly Halloween, said Stuart Seto, a meteorologist with the weather service.

Daytime highs aren’t expected to get past 70 degrees in most areas through the weekend, with evening temperatures dipping into the low 60s.

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