2 Toddlers Found Alone in Long Beach; Police Seek Help IDing Boys, Finding Family

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Two toddlers were found in Long Beach without any accompanying adults Thursday morning, and police asked for help identifying them and finding their family members.

Surveillance video from a liquor store captured the toddlers as they being led down the sidewalk along Atlantic Avenue around 8:45 a.m. by an unidentified woman.

Just minutes later, the African-American boys, aged approximately 1 and 2, were found all alone by a passer-by at Atlantic Avenue and 60th Street (map), according to a Long Beach Police Department news release sent out Thursday evening.

The passer-by called police, Sgt. Robert Woods said. When officers arrived, residents had surrounded the boys out of concern that no parents or guardians were seen, Woods said.

"These kids could not have been in that area very long with the type of support we were getting from the public," Woods said.

Police interviewed witnesses in the immediate area, but no one was seen with the children or dropping them off.

Won Moy, who owned the liquor store where the surveillance video was discovered, said she knows the family and that they are regular customers.

She was not, however, able to provide investigators with their names or the location where the family lived.

Within a two-block radius, no one else recognized the boys, according to police.

"We've exhausted just about all of our investigative leads," Woods said.

The older child was found wearing a T-shirt, shorts and sandals, while the younger child was wearing a T-shirt and diaper, police said. Both appeared to be in good health and good spirits, according to woods.

The toddlers were turned over to the custody of the Department of Children and Family Services. Other law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles County were alerted about the boys, as have area hospitals, police said.

Anyone who recognizes the children or has information regarding their identity or that of their parents was urged to call Long Beach police communications at 562-435-6711.

KTLA's Kennedy Ryan contributed to this article.

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