Woman Jumps From Vehicle on 10 Freeway in Covina to Escape Suspected Kidnapper

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(Credit: Tex Texin/flicker via Creative Commons)

(Credit: Tex Texin/flicker via Creative Commons)

A woman jumped from a moving vehicle on the 10 Freeway in Covina in order to get away from a man suspected of kidnapping her over the weekend, police said Wednesday.

The 18-year-old woman thought she was going to a nearby McDonald’s with a family friend on Saturday, when the suspect, identified as Eric Brockway, drove onto the 10 Freeway instead of going to the restaurant, according to a news release from the Yucaipa Police Department.

The woman told authorities she pleaded with Brockway to let her go, but he refused to stop or tell her where they were going.

Brockway, 40, allegedly made physical advances on the woman, who felt her life was in danger, police stated in the news release.

As they were driving through Covina, traffic on the freeway slowed to a near stop, allowing the woman to crawl out the open passenger-side window of the moving vehicle.

She was eventually picked up by another driver and taken to the Covina Police Station.

Brockway, a resident of Calimesa, was later taken into custody at his home.