GenZe 2.0 Electric Two Wheeler

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The GenZe brand was developed based on research  conducted in the US, talking to hundreds of consumers to really understand their daily commute hassles. GenZe designers and engineers then developed the unique 2.0 to solve for those exact needs.  The GenZe products are a great fit for the LA area.  The 2.0 is a great option to driving a car everywhere.  It allows you to carry the stuff you need through your daily routine such as groceries or your laptop (which you can even charge on the way).  The e-bike is just like a bike, only much better because it gets you to your destination with no sweat and makes the hills seem flatter.  It is also lightweight enough to carry on a metro or bus. Both the GenZe 2.0 and the e-bikes are no hassle products- Removable batteries mean you can charge it off any outlet, at your dorm, apartment or at home. GenZe really sets you free by making your commute not just more efficient, but a lot more fun.  They have a new contest starting soon where you can submit an image video of what your freedom means to you to win a GenZe e-bike or apparel.  Like GenZe on FB or follow on Twitter for details

To learn more about GenZe or to pre-order a bike, visit their website or call  855-464-3693. Visit their Facebook or Twitter at @MahindraGenZe