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Carb & Nation’s Handcrafted Sandwiches and Sodas

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Carb & Nation is a Los Angeles-based food truck & catering company that creates chef-inspired sandwiches, craft sodas and custom catering. The chefs and co-owners of Carb & Nation were former sous chefs from Church & State restaurant in downtown LA (top 101 Jonathan’s Gold best restaurant) until they opened Carb & Nation’s doors early April 2014. What started out as a conversation on how to put together the perfect burger quickly turned into a study of various types of bread, sauces, cooking techniques, flavor combinations, and textures that would work together to enhance the experience of eating a sandwich.  The melting pot of different cultures in Los Angeles form the colors on our palette in which our inspiration is drawn from. Time spent working in some of the country’s top restaurants from New York to Los Angeles has enabled us to take our experiences with food and use them to make sandwich and soda combinations from traditional to new and exciting.