Before CES 2015, I Never Knew I Needed These Gadgets

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There is a lot to see at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. Here are a few gadgets I saw that of I now need in my life.

1. Emiota Smart Belt
This belt is constantly monitoring your waistline, so it expands when you sit and contracts when you stand. It’s all in an effort to keep you comfortable – even after a huge meal.


2. Slow Control Smart Baby Bottle
A connected baby bottle that lets you know if you’re feeding your newborn properly. A green light on the bottle tells you you’re doing it right, but see a red light and you might want to rethink parenthood. Also sends stats on food intake, feeding time and more to your smartphone so you can show off to your doctor.


3. Parrot H20
Forget about needing a green thumb ever again! Attach a water bottle, stick this Bluetooth device into the flower pot and tell the smartphone app the type of plant you’re trying to keep alive. It will do the rest – monitoring the soil and squiring water as necessary to keep your hydrangeas hydrated.


4. Smarter WiFi Coffee Maker
If you’ve ever set the auto-brew timer on your current coffeemaker then you need this super smart upgrade. The smartphone app connects to your morning alarm and adjusts the brew start time according to how many times you press that snooze button so you always wake up to the freshest pot possible. Bonus: it monitors traffic on your morning commute and wake you up earlier if needed.


5. 4Moms Mamaroo
Your typical battery-operated baby swing pales in comparison to this bad boy. Pop your kid into it this plush seat and an algorithm mimics the soothing sway of Mom or Dad – without you having to actually do any work. An app lets you choose from fun movements like “car ride” or “kangaroo,” plus there are calming sounds to drown out all that crying.

2015-01-05 20.25.18

6. Keebot
Video chats take on a human-like quality with your own personal video-conferencing robot – you control it your smartphone.  Try sending it to work when you don’t feel like going, or imagine the surprise on your children’s face when you virtually tuck them into bed but you’re actually out of town on business.

2015-01-05 20.14.29

7. Peri Duo iPhone Case
It’s an iPhone case that doubles as a speaker for an instant party outside your pocket. Enough said.


8. Skechers Game Kicks
Kids sneakers with a built in memory game on the side of the shoe to keep them entertained for hours. They won’t remember Simon but you do – it’s the same concept. Repeat the pattern of light colors. There is an option to turn the sound on and off. (Note: the sneakers are slightly smaller in real life)


9. Drop Smart Scale
This iPad connected scale comes with an app full of recipes anyone can make. That’s because you can precisely weigh the ingredients. Plus, if you’re short on something, just put the amount you have on the scale and it instantly adjusts the rest of the ingredient amounts!


10. Samsung SUHDTV
This 105 inch TV goes from flat to curved in a matter of seconds. It has four times the resolution of your typical HDTV so the images look more realistic than ever – which is a good thing because by the time you spend your money on this you won’t have much left over to leave the house.


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