4 Things You Should Never Say at Work

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Till K. Kahrs has been an internationally recognized career coach, and management and communication consultant for over twenty years. He received his Social Science degree from UC Irvine, and holds an M.B.A in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. Kahrs has provided communication skills training for over half of The Fortune 1000 companies, including AT&T, Apple and Disney and big name companies throughout Europe and Asia.  Kahrs specializes in communication and behavior analysis and is able to dissect and teach the content of communication based on verbal, nonverbal, poise, gestures, eye-contact, personality and overall demeanor, and was a go-to political communication analyst and political communications coach Kahrs is a published author, and has produced and hosted many training videos and TV shows. His latest best selling book, Enhancing Your Presentation Skills, examines the intricacies of overcoming the fear of public speaking by covering all of the presentation skills basics, including eye contact, gestures, volume, inflection and organization.